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Our Team.

Better Barefoot & Beautiful Team

​​Candace Chambers-Belida ​is the Editor In Chief of the Real "IRRESISTIBLY" Luxury Life Styles Magazine and the author of three books, “The Secret Codes of Conduct for Marriage,” “Dare To Stand,” and “Never Good Enough to Marry.” Currently she is working on her fourth book, “Don’t Stop Me Now!” that is due out in December 2024. She has drawn national audiences and has also appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows, such as NBC Daytime, OAN, KSEE, KCBS, KNBC, FOX, KOCE, KDOC and others.
Also she has released her partnered  Luxury Magazine "Better Barefoot & Beautiful" - which focuses on Simplicity And A Sophisticated Lifestyle, that debuted March 2021.

Who am I? I have had many labels, none of which can fully describe all that I am. Roles and diverse professions. Each of these added depth to my personal experience in this life. Network Consultant, Sales, Law Enforcement, daughter, mother, girlfriend, friend, wife, and now recently divorced, again. So, I humbly offer that I am an evolving woman. A woman of resilience and profound gentleness, splashed with fierceness. A woman with many questions and some answers. I share my journey, thoughts, and the life lessons I have been shown so far. I walk alongside all that seek, feel, and allow spirit to unfold in their lives. In the words of one of my favorite authors, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, "All I know is I am really friendly, but not quite tame, so may it be with you."

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