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About Better Barefoot & Beautiful


"Better Barefoot & Beautiful" Luxury Magazine created by Candace Chambers-Belida - Author, TV/Host, Lifestyle Editor-In-Chief of Irresistibly Magazine. "I set forth to give a unique and beautiful lifestyle perspective to embrace and empower your life's journey through positive changes that lead to living your life with confidence and turning your desires into reality. Embracing life is first by being your authentic self. Reinventing yourself and making real mind-body changes that lead you to see a "Better Barefoot & Beautiful" World Around You."

Candace -xxoo

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Exhale + Breathe


"Better Barefoot & Beautiful" Emboldens you to embrace 

the Calm+Serenity, so that you can stop and enjoy every moment of your life with beauty. 

"Better Barefoot & Beautiful" Is a reflection of your desires to have that inner life you desire. Feeling good about life doesn't have to be just a dream or a wish, but can become your reality when you start to walk and embrace your life's destiny.

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