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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Free Spirit And Free To Be You!

Feeling Free & Loving It!

A true Free Spirit is embracing the true essence of who you are and what you are. There is nothing more important and special in life than you being who you were born to be. Your true authentic self. We can all admire others' talents and abilities, but there is nothing more special and challenging than developing the essence of what is truly inside of us. We all which that we could grace the cover of every magazine, sing melodious like a songbird, and dance like Cinderella. But the truth be told all of us have a myriad of gifts that we were born with that emerge at various times in our life. Walking in that truth brings truth to power in our lives and success seems to find us.

Be happy to embrace the God-given talents that you have without coveting someone else. This is a beautiful acceptance of recognizing that we are not all born the same, with the same gifts and talents, and that's what makes life more exciting and invigorating. The variety of life is what makes the world more beautiful. Our differences should be accepted, just as not every flower looks or smells the same. Being free to be who you are is making the world bigger. You recognize that what you bring to the table is your innate excellence in life. Imagine that there is not a shortage of your evolving talents and abilities, and with that it's what keeps the whole world moving and turning. Your "Free Spirit to Be You" is the Gift not only to yourself but a gift to the world. Celebrate "You" and your "Authenticness."

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