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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Fancy Free & In Love!

There is nothing more exciting than the moment when you connect with the right person that you seem to be destined for. Your soul mate. That person seems to not only touch your heart but seems to be immersed in your soul and being. There is nothing but incredible joy when you fall in love and feel that you have met not only the person of your dreams but the one that seems to make the world around you a lot brighter. Beauty seems to be everywhere when you are together. Everything has meaning and seems to be magnified to such a level that it's like looking at a flower for the very first time.

Everything is sweeter and your senses are alive and exuberant with a tingling sensation like butterflies. Fancy-Free and In love is just plain intoxicating. It's a moment in time that you want time to stand still and everything to last forever. Movies and novels have been written about these enchanted moments. Why do you ask? Because it feels so darn good. It's a feeling of joy and serene peace that you feel like there is not a worry in the world.

A moment that the one you are with is perfect, and the world that surrounds you both is no less than perfect. When this type of treasured bliss is found, the key is not only valuing it but holding on for dear life to never let it go. Soon you realize that it's heaven on earth that has allowed this destined predetermined moment for both of you. This kind of love can not be handled frivolously, but gently with tenderness, commitment and respect. "Fancy Free and in Love" is the most coveted gift of all.

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