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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Enjoy Every Moment!

Updated: Apr 17

Stop and Enjoy Every The Moment! Every moment of life has something to offer. No matter what comes your way in a day, there is good in that moment. No matter what trials or adversity you wake up to, it is important to understand that all things in life big or small, are shaping and carving your life into something beautiful. We are transformed daily by the things that come into our life. It is up to us how we will deal with those things. Either they will break us or they will mold us.

It is amazing how we can look back on some of the things that happen in life, a broken relationship, a lost loved one, a job change, or a myriad of other things that seem to hit us in life sideways. We thought we would never recover or get through it, but we emerged stronger in the most incredible way. Through this, we were even able to help someone else that was facing similar trials and problems. We learn to sing and pray through the problems, but mostly we learn to stand. When the storm has passed, and we are able to catch our breath and sign relief, joy comes flooding in.

So even in the hard times, we have to enjoy every moment and treasure everything that comes our way. Sometimes we can't seem to see through the clouds and we are left baffled as to why this may be happening in life, but somehow, someway, we find that it couldn't have gone any other way, and God's way is pure perfection. Enjoy every moment of your life and live it full of exuberant expectations of goodness coming your way in all things that surround and confront you each new day. Life is to be cherished, and those around us make life so much more beautiful.

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