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  • Candace Chambers-Belida

Counting Your Blessings!

Every time the fall season arrives, it's a time of harvest and reflection. In harvesting, everything that was previously sown into the soil comes forth in its due season. Some of the crops that were sown are beautiful and bountiful and some get tossed aside for the fire later to be burned. As we reflect on our lives, whatever we have sown into our hearts and soul reaps a harvest whether it comes forth good or bad. We all go through challenging trials, some times we win the battle and sometimes we lose. It is truly important how we handle those trials.

Do we come out bitter or better? Do we have love or hate, forgiveness or unforgiveness? Everything is a trial, and no matter what we go through at the end of the day our life is filled with God's blessings. God knows what we are going through and he knows how to get us where we are going, even if there is a detour. Not everything that comes our way is crystal clear. Sometimes we don't even see the answer until it's all over with. What is most important that must be achieved is that we recognize that every day we are changing. Every day a new situation enters our life. We much learn to be courageous and recognize that things in life are necessary for growth and to get us to our destiny. Counting each step as a blessing, each trial as a blessing, and each miracle that comes our way comes from the hand of God. Everything goes through his fingers before it touches us. So let the "Harvest Begin" as we reap and count our true Blessings.

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