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A Better Version Of YOURSELF!

When we get introduced to a person, the first thing we meet is their representative. Not who they (really) are. We all have a moment when we put our best foot forward in introductions. Whether it's a facade or truly you, it's yet to be known only by time. We all in the beginning want to be received and accepted. So we gently hide behind the exterior of our being and we do not normally trust anyone to see at first glance the real person.

Insecurities lurk behind the curtains of our lives. Even though this is very normal in the beginning, some people continue in this way until their true personality and self is later revealed. This is why some say "Wow I truly didn't know that person at all like I thought I did." Well, unfortunately, we should all be striving to live and be A Better Version of Ourselves at all times. Be the person that you want to be, that you are inspired to be, born to be, your true authentic self.

Why be fake or phony or pretend when that's not truly you? Why project to others another version of yourself that doesn't even resemble the real you? Why be a counterfeit you? Being who you are is being comfortable in your own skin and with that comes freedom and liberty. There is truly beauty and uniqueness in the differences of personalities. Genuine is to be counted as a gift.

So striving to be a better version is first with acceptance of who you are and what you are, there is only one you, and you can only exist truly being the real version of YOU.

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