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Who brings you joy?  Recently, I had an experience when a total stranger in the grocery store said, “You two look like you really enjoy one another.”  I remember pausing for a moment and being moved by her comment.  The man I share a life with now truly brings me joy.  Her comment resonated with me.  I reflected on my life thus far and how, two years ago, I intentionally sought to change the direction and course of my life.  I now deliberately choose to be with those who bring me joy, and I strive to reciprocate that same sense of joy within them.  Joy is something we must seek and find.  We must live with intention in our lives and breathe into the moments of joy we share with others.  I mean, isn’t that what life is about?  

Our lives, no doubt, will have many challenges and seasons.  We cannot escape the ever-changing momentum of life.  We can, however, honor ourselves and others.  We can choose to be with those where love and joy reside and embrace the flow of our relationships and their seasons.  Recently, my daughter has been facing the end of many seasons of joy experienced with her grandfather.  His body is yearning to be at rest.  In her grief and sadness, she also reflects on all the joy they experienced together.  Ironically, joy’s companion is sadness. The sadness of letting go when chapters of our lives are closing is difficult.  Sometimes, this is our choice, and sometimes, it is not.  

The beauty of sadness at a time of loss, when so much joy existed, will be a blessing.  To have loved and been loved and felt so much joy with a person is a soul gift.  This is not to say that grief and sadness are not painful, but the process through them does lead you back to joy if you allow it to.  My hope for us all is that we embrace all the moments in our lives where joy exists.  That we seek joy and intentionally choose wisely who we spend time with in this life.  If we do so, we will never regret all the joy we experienced with someone, even if we later must walk through sadness when it ends.  Allow the natural flow of life and beauty to imprint within you.  I know joy resides in my soul today, so may it be for you.    

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